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-01_1.unda EVA



Size : S(22cm〜25cm)M(24cm~27cm)L(26cm~29cm)

Color : Black /  Taupe

Shoes Case:w295×d235×h73mm
Weight(one foot):S(125g)M(131g)L(154g)
Composition:Synthetic Resin



As we continued to wear "unda-unda" on a daily basis to make it as good a product as possible and observed changes over time and the feeling of use, the issues that came up were "weight," "weakness to water," and "inability to replace the worn top board. In response to these issues, we continued to change the material of the sole and tried new materials for the top panel through a process of trial and error.

Finally, this time, while maintaining the design, we have realized a new type of geta with "super lightweight," "washable," "excellent durability," and various other functionalities by using EVA material integrated molding technology.


By creating products that fuse "Japanese tradition and the latest technology," goyemon is developing products that fit into modern life and make tradition familiar. We would be happy if this product provides an opportunity for you to experience the culture of snow shoes.



We have incorporated the attractive functionality of snow clogs into a design that blends in with the modern city.

The new line of "unda-unda-unda" "unda EVA" has been powered up. We will introduce its amazing charm.

black taupe.jpeg

We were particular about faithfully reproducing the unevenness of the fabric used in the footbed portion unique to "unda-unda" and the air unit, which can be said to be the identity of the product.

6 Attractions of unda EVA

Feature ①  Like a cloud. Soft and fluffy comfort.

Feature ②  50% weight reduction.

Feature ③  Washable, excellent durability.

Feature ④  Reconstructed and new shape.

Feature ⑤  Symmetrical.

Feature ⑥  Stylish way of wearing.

Feature 1: Like a cloud. Soft and fluffy comfort.


EVA is a material with "softness and elasticity" that is also used in PC cases for impact protection. By taking advantage of such features, we have raised the "cloud-like comfort" to a higher level, which is also the origin of the name "unda-Unda-".

We have raised "comfort of wearing like a cloud" to a higher level.

Feature 2: 50% weight reduction.


The first release weighed 330g, and the following year it was reduced to 270g. This time, the weight was further reduced to 131g, which is 60% lighter than the original release.

(*M size, measured on one foot.)


EVA is also a material with "lightness" that is used for beat boards, etc., so this is also a major feature that makes the shoes feel "comfortable like a cloud.

Feature (3): Washable throughout; excellent durability.


The biggest difference between "unda-unda" and "unda EVA" is water resistance. It can now be used in situations where the feet get wet. In addition, when soiled, it can be washed in its entirety. The softness and elasticity of the material dissipate the impact of walking, making it a durable model that can be worn for a longer period of time.

Feature 4: A new reconstructed form.


The "unda EVA" is realized by EVA one-piece molding technology while maintaining the same appearance.

The material has been meticulously modified to enhance the comfort of the footwear.


Rebuild the shape of the nose strap.

This was one of the most difficult points to achieve this time. Everyone has a different foot size, toe thickness, and instep height.

We asked many people to try on samples and made adjustments in increments of several millimeters to find the best solution.

If we tried to reproduce the original shape of the nose strap of the geta, it would cause pain in the fingers because the material is completely different.


The shape of the base, length and thickness of the tip of the cord were reviewed and reconstructed from scratch to match the one-piece EVA molding.


Reproduction of fabric irregularities

The texture of unda's unique coarsely woven cotton-rayon fabric is reproduced to the utmost limit.

Not only does it look good, but the moderate unevenness enhances grip and reduces steam.

In addition, the footbed is shaped to fit the shape of the foot, drawing an arc as if to wrap around the foot.


Identity air is inherited as a design

The EVA material used in this project is difficult to incorporate the air unit, which is the identity of "unda," so the design of the air unit was incorporated as a design.

In addition to the design, the depth was increased to the maximum value that could be manufactured with a mold, taking into consideration the practicality of cushioning.

Feature 5: Symmetrical.


There is no distinction between left and right footwear in snow clogs, so they can be worn on either the right or left foot.

People have their own foot habits, which often result in uneven wear on the outside and inside of the sole, but by regularly replacing the left and right soles, the wear can be equalized and the life of the sole can be extended.


Yukitate is a uniquely Japanese product born from Japan's "mottainai (wasteful) culture.


In order to continue this intention, "unda EVA" adopts a symmetrical design that allows the left and right soles to be replaced periodically, just like "unda-unda".

Feature 6: Stylish way of wearing.


The stylish and cool way to wear snow geta is to wear them with the little finger and heel out.

For this reason, we recommend a smaller size.


Unlike sandals, the nose strap is attached in the middle, so the little finger inevitably sticks out of the geta.



In recent years, we have seen snow geta with the nosepiece not attached in the middle, but with this product, you can experience the traditional way of wearing them.

Ideally, the nose should not be attached between the thumb and index finger, leaving a small space between them.

This is chic, and at the same time, it reduces pressure from the noseband and prevents the noseband from slipping off.

Size development


Model:Women 163cm / 24.0cm / S size


Model:Women 168cm / 25.0cm / M size


Model:Men 178cm / 27.0cm / M size


Model:Men 183cm / 28.5cm / L size


The packaging has also been further renewed. While keeping the traditional sneaker box-like design, the two holes on the side are based on the air unit, one of the features of "Unda-unda-".


Color variation

unda EVA / Black

Although the color is basic, each part, such as the nose strap and the top panel, has subtle unevenness, resulting in a black color that gives a mysterious sense of depth, even though it is the same color.


unda EVA / Taupe

Because these shoes are worn barefoot more often than other footwear, we repeated sample production many times in pursuit of a blend of gray and beige that blends well with the skin and makes the wearer's blood color look better. We would like to propose these colors as a new standard for people who normally choose black.


Product Details and Handling Precautions

Cautions for handling
Please be careful when wearing this product on escalators, automatic doors, and other places where it is likely to get caught.

Wearing the product on wet or icy road surfaces may cause the product to fall over. Please be careful when wearing this product on wet or icy surfaces.

Do not wear or store this product near fire. It may soften or deform.

When drying, please hang them in the shade in a well-ventilated place.

Please note that there may be individual differences in size, hardness, and weight between the left and right side, even if they are the same size and manufactured at the same factory.

This product is manufactured using mold forming technology. The molded product taken out of the mold will always have a small parting line (split surface of the mold). Circular protrusions and dents on the outsole tips are not defects, as they are caused by the manufacturing process.

Please note that there may be some specification changes depending on the production lot for both the product and the package.

Please do not crush the nose strap when storing. If you store them in a crushed state, they will be deformed. Please leave them at room temperature for a few hours to return them to their original shape.

Please refrain from using the shoes for any purpose other than normal use, as it may cause damage to the product.

Frequently Asked Questions(Q&A)

Q. Where is the country of production?

A. Molded in China, inspected in Japan, and packed.


Q. How do I care for it?

A. Please wash the product with a neutral detergent and dry it with a towel or in the shade. Please refrain from using boiling water or hot air from a hair dryer, etc., as they may cause deformation.



Q. Can I wear them on rainy days?

A. You can wear them on rainy days without any problem. When storing them, please wipe moisture from the surface thoroughly and dry them in a well-ventilated place.

Q. Please tell me about size selection.

A. The size of the shoes you usually wear,

Size S for 22-25cm,

Size M for 24-27cm,

size for 24-27cm, and size L for 26-29cm. Since it is considered chic and cool to wear snow geta with the little toe and heel out, we recommend a smaller size.



Q. What should I do if I feel pain in the snood when wearing them?

A. You can alleviate the pain by wearing commercially available tabi socks, etc. Since unda are designed to be worn with casual clothing, you can wear them with tabi socks without any problem.



Q. How will the products arrive?

A. The product will be sent in a special shoe case.



Q. Can I return the products?

A. Returns are possible only in case of initial defects during production.



Q. What should I do if the product I received is defective?

A. Although we thoroughly inspect and manage our products, if you find any defects or imperfections in the products you receive, please contact us within one week of receiving the products by clicking "Contact the seller". We will exchange the item after you return it to us with payment on delivery.

The circular protrusion at the tip of the outsole is not a defect, as it is caused by the manufacturing process.



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